DirecTV Is In No Rush To Offer Streaming And We Don’t Know How To Feel


Whenever someone mentions any TV show or movie, the immediate question is usually “where can I watch it” meaning “Where online can I stream that?” The future of television is definitely in online streaming, but DirecTV hasn’t jumped on board that boat yet, and we aren’t sure if they ever will.

DirecTV’s CEO mentioned earlier in the week that the company was looking into options for streaming, but he didn’t show any enthusiasm or actual intent on following through. His view is basically “Streaming is a fad and a bad idea for companies looking to actually grow.”

….Meh. Don’t know.

DISH has jumped on board most recently with their $20/month SLING TV in hopes of bringing in more money. We all know that Netflix and Hulu are money makers in their own right, but DirecTV seems to think that offering the service is beyond them.

Is this a power play? Do they have something up their sleeves?

Probably not. Since DISH customers have been leaving the service recently due to a record number of blackouts, DirecTV has been seeing consistent growth, which probably and rightfully has them in the mindset that “Hey, we got this…”

The fact of the matter is that they are probably holding out for the expected merger of DirecTV and AT&T which will combine broadband and cable. Each company has what the other company ‘needs’ to make even more money.

Perhaps once the merger goes through… if it goes through… we’ll see some kind of online streaming option.

But for now, don’t be counting on seeing it anytime in the near future.

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