iPhone6S and iPhone7 Rumors + Release Dates


For the last 7 years we’ve anxiously awaited the next release of the coveted iPhone. If you’re an Android kind of person you all but care about it, but it’s still a little fascinating to see what change-the-world technology Apple comes out with. More often than not, I’ve had Android users say “I can already do that!” when I tell them about a feature.

But it’s still something I look forward to.

The one thing that Apple is really good at other than ruling the world is keeping tight lipped about the precise release date of their new phone or what features it’ll have.

They are however a creature of pattern. They released the iPhone6 and iPhone6+ last year, so some people think that the big release will be the iPhone6s this year, and then the iPhone7 will come in 2016. But a more likely approach will be releasing the iPhone6S and iPhone7 both this year as a BIG BANG kind of thing. It’s likely to carry a release date of around September. (Just when I’m up for an upgrade from Verizon. TAKE MY MONEY!)

With the 6Plus being such a big phone, we’re wondering if the new iPhone will simply be a technology upgrade, or will it be a new look, too?

A9 Chipset + Double The RAM

Even though nothing has been released as fair as official features, reports indicate that the iPhone7 will have A9 Chipset and 2GB RAM. That doubles the RAM in the iPhone 6, which has 1GB. The battery life of the iPhone is one of the biggest complaints. I’m a user, and I can maybe get 3 hours of straight use before a complete die. The A9 Chipset will be much more powerful and consume a lot less battery.

Eye Swipe? Face Passwords?

Did you know that Apple has gotten some pretty amazing Patents recently? One of them has to do with Eye Movement Technology. Now we’re wondering if the iPhone7 will allow you to replace your finger swipe with a simple eye flicker. Could Tinder GET anymore easier?

Another technology that they’re exploring is making your face your password. While this seems super Jetsons, I think my Toshiba computer from 7 years ago had this technology so I’m personally not all that impressed. Bring me an iPhone that can apply my makeup for me and I might jump a little more for joy.

Still, it’s getting to be that special time of the year, time for the new iPhone release and lines around the block here in my hometown of Philadelphia. I’m excited to see what “how could I ever live without this?” technology we’ll be given next!

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