Is OTA DTV dead


Just when you thought it was safe to turn on your HDTV and enjoy the show. After investing your time and research to get the best OTA DTV signal, will there still be a signal to receive? Will we be forced back to subscribing to cable again?

Some engineers strongly protest the idea that broadcasters would ever stop OTA transmissions. After all, what are “broadcasters” than OTA, well, broadcasters. That argument used to carry water, but no longer. Just ask ABC, CBS, FOX and NBC. All of these networks have Internet delivery and cable-backed delivery of their programs in place. Add to that mash-up the desire of networks to feed directly to homes, sans any local affiliates, and the sheer cost of keeping a transmitter operating just to serve a few thousand viewers starts to look like a black hole.

The article concludes.

So where does all this leave us? I came to the conclusion that the idea of turning off the station transmitter is still too early for reality. However, eventually, the bean counters will look at the numbers, make a financial decision, and the need for a “transmitter engineer” could become a historic footnote.

Is DTV dead? | Brad on Broadcast

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