You’ll Never Guess Why Canadians are Posing as Americans


As Americans, for the most part, we love what we’ve got. Whether it’s cheesesteaks, dedicated football fans, or the world’s largest shopping mall – We are are mostly content with the features that our country does have.

One such appreciation is the Netflix selection that we have. Canada has a wildly different Netflix experience and many of the shows that we have on USA Netflix are missing in the great white north.

About 6 months back, I thought I had the solution. To share my USA Netflix login with a trusted Canadian Friend of mine.

Nope. The Gatekeeper wouldn’t let us through.

Apparently, it goes by the IP address, to determine where you are dialing in for.

I personally don’t have much experience in changing IPs, etc. so I wrote it off as just a messed opportunity. But there are people out there. In fact nearly one-third of Canadian Netflix users admit to using an american ip address to access the American version of Neflix.

It’s certainly frustrating since Camada shares out northern border and we have a lot of language and pop culture similarities. Despite that, Nation Gates are tight where it comes to broadcast content. The last time I checked, Hulu wasn’t even something that Canada would provide.

Is using an incorrect email address wrong? Yes. But this free-subscription paid television services. How about we loosen up a little on this area, and maybe more on to bigger and better things.

Give Canada its Netflix, eh?

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  1. MrPogi says

    Canadians close to the border can often get OTA broadcasts from the USA with an antenna. However, they can’t watch the same programming online or with Pay TV.

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