Aiki-Jujutsu: Mixed Martial Art of the Samurai

Aiki-Jujutsu: Mixed Martial Art of the Samurai

Cary Nemeroff

Essential examining for practitioners and teachers of combined martial arts

Using step by step images and textual content, the writer, a tenth Dan, demonstrates the right way to practice the throws, hand moves, grappling/groundwork maneuvers, blocks, break-falls, kicks, and sword-disarming thoughts of the whole Aiki-Jujutsu process, together with Kempo-Jutsu, Aiki-Jutsu, and Ju-Jutsu. He additionally offers a concise heritage of the innovations and platforms surrounding Aiki-Jujutsu's improvement, akin to Budo and Bujutsu, permitting the practitioner to achieve a extra complete realizing of the paintings. This publication will entice an individual combined martial arts or the conventional Asian martial arts, and people who search to profit extra in regards to the suggestions, philosophy, and background of the struggling with arts of the Samurai.

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