Anarchism: A Very Short Introduction

Anarchism: A Very Short Introduction

Colin Ward

What do anarchists wish? it sort of feels more straightforward to categorise them through what they do not wish, specifically, the agencies of the country, and to spot them with rioting and protest instead of with any coherent ideology. yet with demonstrations like these opposed to the area financial institution and the overseas financial Fund being blamed on anarchists, it really is transparent that an evidence of what they do stand for is lengthy past due.

Colin Ward offers solutions to those questions by means of contemplating anarchism from various views: theoretical, ancient, and overseas, and via exploring key anarchist thinkers, from Kropotkin to Chomsky. He seems to be seriously at anarchism by means of comparing key principles inside of it, akin to its blanket competition to incarceration, and coverage of "no compromise" with the equipment of political decision-making. Can anarchy ever functionality successfully as a political strength? Is it extra "organized" and "reasonable" than is at the moment perceived? regardless of the politics of the reader, Ward's argument guarantees that anarchism might be far better understood after experiencing this book.

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