As Sisters in Zion

As Sisters in Zion

Debbie J. Christensen

In 1852, sisters in a small village in England answered to the message of Mormon missionaries and joined The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Julia Hill was once nineteen years previous, and her sister, Emily, used to be basically 16. After operating and saving their funds for 4 extra years, they made their approach to the United States and joined the Willie handcart corporation for the hard trip to the Salt Lake Valley. confronted with exhaustion, hunger, publicity, or even demise, they reinforced each other and intensified their unravel. on my own they might fail, yet jointly they can be successful and live.

Emily later wrote a poem approximately her event, which has been set to tune and sung through reduction Society sisters world wide. however the tale of that hymn, "As Sisters in Zion," is greater than the event of 2 sisters. at the back of this recognized tune lies a desirable, little-known tale of the sisters, own name to "comfort the weary and increase the weak."

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