Between Their Worlds: A Novel of the Noble Dead

Between Their Worlds: A Novel of the Noble Dead

Barb Hendee, J.C. Hendee

Wynn Hygeort is shocked whilst Magiere and Leesil, besides the elven wolf Chap, appear on the Guild of Sagecraft. yet Wynn can't depart together with her friends—she nonetheless needs to entry the texts in the Guild’s files that may aid her divine the destinations of the final Orbs sought by way of the traditional Enemy. to accomplish her task—and defend the Orbs—Wynn needs to stay sequestered from her friends.

yet she’s primarily a prisoner. one of many Guild’s superiors is simply as longing for Wynn to translate the traditional texts, yet she understands the others won't allow her to percentage that knowledge—knowledge Magiere and Leesil desperately want if they’re going to prevent the traditional Enemy from unleashing conflict at the land…

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