Black Space: Imagining Race in Science Fiction Film

Black Space: Imagining Race in Science Fiction Film

Adilifu Nama

Winner, Rollins ebook Award, Southwest Texas pop culture Association/American tradition organization, 2008

Science fiction movie bargains its audience many pleasures, now not least of that is the opportunity of imagining different worlds during which very diverse sorts of society exist. no longer unusually, in spite of the fact that, those substitute worlds frequently turn into areas during which filmmakers and movie audiences can discover problems with quandary in our personal society. via an research of over thirty canonic technological know-how fiction (SF) movies, together with Logan's Run, big name Wars, Blade Runner, again to the longer term, Gattaca, and Minority Report, Black Space deals a thorough-going research of the way SF movie because the Nineteen Fifties has handled the problem of race and particularly with the illustration of blackness.

Setting his examine opposed to the backdrop of America's ongoing racial struggles and intricate socioeconomic histories, Adilifu Nama pursues a couple of issues in Black Space. They contain the based absence/token presence of blacks in SF movie; racial infection and racial paranoia; the traumatized black physique because the final signifier of distinction, alienness, and "otherness"; using classification and fiscal concerns to subsume race as a topic; the racially subversive pleasures and allegories encoded in a few mainstream SF motion pictures; and the ways that autonomous and extra-filmic productions are subverting the SF style of Hollywood filmmaking.

The first book-length examine of African American illustration in technological know-how fiction movie, Black Space demonstrates that SF cinema has turn into a major box of racial research, a domain the place definitions of race should be contested and post-civil rights race family (re)imagined.

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