Cambodia's Curse: The Modern History of a Troubled Land

Cambodia's Curse: The Modern History of a Troubled Land

Joel Brinkley

A iteration after the Khmer Rouge, Cambodia indicates each signal of getting conquer its history--the streets of Phnom Penh are paved; skyscrapers dot the skyline. yet less than this façade lies a rustic nonetheless haunted by means of its years of terror.

Joel Brinkley received a Pulitzer Prize for his reporting in Cambodia at the fall of the Khmer Rouge regime that killed one zone of the nation's inhabitants in the course of its years in strength. In 1992, the area got here jointly to aid pull the small kingdom out of the mire. Cambodia grew to become a United international locations protectorate--the first and in simple terms time the UN attempted whatever so formidable. What did the recent, democratically-elected govt do with this extraordinary reward?

In 2008 and 2009, Brinkley lower back to Cambodia to determine. He stumbled on a inhabitants within the grip of a venal executive. He realized that one-third to one-half of Cambodians who lived during the Khmer Rouge period have P.T.S.D.--and its afflictions are being handed to the following new release. His vast close-up reporting in Cambodia's Curse illuminates the rustic, its humans, and the deep old roots of its modern day behavior.

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