Capone: The Man and the Era

Capone: The Man and the Era

Laurence Bergreen

during this extraordinary background of Prohibition and its such a lot infamous gangster, acclaimed biographer Laurence Bergreen takes us to the gritty streets of Chicago the place Al Capone solid his sinister empire.

Bergreen indicates the seedy and glamorous facets of the age, the increase of Prohibition, the illicit liquor exchange, the battlefield that was once Chicago. Delving past the Capone mythology. Bergreen unearths a paradox: a coldblooded killer, thief, pimp, and racketeer who was once additionally a loyal son and father; a self-styled Robin Hood who rose to the head of prepared crime. Capone is a masterful portrait of a rare time and of the single guy who reigned excellent over all of it, Al Capone.

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