City of gods - Hellenica

City of gods - Hellenica

Jonathan Maas

The gods are again, and they're tearing this international apart

Zeus, Dagon, Loki, Lugh and numerous different deities have get back to this earth and rule over their person districts with out target except satiating their very own petty desires.

The sole ultimate useful province, Hellenica, comes to a decision to behave. They construct the Academy and are approximately to recruit sixteen younger gods with the hopes of teaching them to police this world.

The Horsemen

Of those sixteen younger gods, 4 have unusual powers that the Academy may not be capable of keep an eye on. Kayana Marx, Gunnar Redstone, Tommy Alderon and Saoirse Frost aren’t like common gods, and their skills stem from the Monotheistic times.

But if Hellenica has any desire of preserving this global jointly, they're going to need to train those 4 to workout their powers to their fullest quantity, no matter if it may well deliver every little thing to an apocalyptic end.

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