Codex Dark Angels (6th Edition)

Codex Dark Angels (6th Edition)

Jeremy Vetock

always remember, by no means forgive!

The darkish Angels are one of the such a lot unswerving servants of the Emperor, who stand most excellent among the gap Marines, Mankind's mightiest defenders. because the founding in their Legion, they've been dreaded by means of their enemies and held in awe through these they guard. obdurate and incessant in conflict, they're ever vigilant of their pursuit of Humanity's enemies. but it was once now not continually so. For ten millennia the darkish Angels have harboured a sinister mystery, wisdom of an act so poor that it threatens every thing they carry expensive and will but convey them everlasting damnation.

This 104pp full-colour hardback ebook includes dynamic art; the background of the 1st Legion and their maximum battles; an outline of, and ideas for, the forces of the darkish Angels house Marines; a gorgeous exhibit case of fort miniatures, proposing the uniforms, heraldry and insignia of the Unforgiven and their Successor Chapters; and a accomplished military checklist with a purpose to shape your darkish Angels assortment right into a robust military at the Warhammer 40,000 battlefield.

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