Conversations with Seth, Book 1: 25th Anniversary Edition

Conversations with Seth, Book 1: 25th Anniversary Edition

Susan M. Watkins

In 1963, Jane Roberts met a religious entity named Seth. He spoke via her and the teachings he taught proved undying and an important. From 1968 to 1975, Roberts held ESP periods, in which she channeled Seth. Susan Watkins was once a member of that type. the information won from Seth helped Watkins and her classmates face severe disease, painful relationships, monetary difficulty, and common disaster. It additionally replaced their lives.

In addition to being a well-written, hugely unique historic account of the overdue Jane Roberts and her category, Conversations with Seth finds the profound insights came across by means of classification members--insights into the foundation of either the troubling and effective occasions in our lives and into the huge nature of the human recognition. Roberts's Seth fabric is continually one of many best such a lot visited collections on the Yale collage records.

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