Creatures: Thirty Years of Monsters

Creatures: Thirty Years of Monsters

Christopher Golden, Joe R. Lansdale, Paul Tremblay

Monsters: As outdated because the oldest of reports, as new as our most recent imaginings. From the traditional stone corridors of the labyrinth to the graffitied alleyways of the modern city, they stalk the shadows. Leering from the darkness of the wooded area, jostling for house in our closets, they stroll, move slowly, creep and scuttle via our nightmares. shut because the muddle below the mattress or the opposite part of the reflect, they're our truest companions.

Creatures positive aspects the easiest monster fiction from the earlier thirty years, supplying a wide selection of the easiest monster tales together with unique tales from the field's so much proper names and most well liked newbies together with Clive Barker, Sarah Langan, Joe R. Lansdale, Kelly hyperlink, China Miéville, and Cherie Priest.

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