Dark Places: The Haunted House in Film (Reaktion Books - Locations)

Dark Places: The Haunted House in Film (Reaktion Books - Locations)

Barry Curtis

Horror movies enjoy taking audience into shadowy locations the place the evil is living, if it is a home, a graveyard or a gloomy wooded area. those mysterious areas foment the phobia on the center of horror video clips, empowering the ghastly creatures that emerge to kill and torment. With Dark Places, Barry Curtis leads us deep within those haunted areas to discover them – and the tremendous antagonists who reside there.

In this wide-ranging and compelling examine, Curtis demonstrates how the claustrophobic interiors of haunted areas in motion pictures hook up with the ‘dark locations’ of the human psyche. He examines varied issues similar to the lighting tricks – starting from crude to state of the art – utilized in videos to rouse supernatural creatures; the constructions, projections and structure of horror motion picture units; and ghosts as symbols of loss, amnesia, injustice and vengeance. Dark Places additionally examines the reconfiguration of the haunted residence in movie as a hotel, an condo, a street or a spaceship, and the way those re-imagined areas thematically connect with Gothic fictions.

Curtis attracts his examples from quite a few iconic motion pictures – together with Nosferatu, Psycho, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre and The Shining – in addition to lesser-known foreign works, which enable him to contemplate diverse cultural principles of ‘haunting’. jap horror movies and their Hollywood remakes – corresponding to Ringu and The Ring, or Juon and The Grudge – come less than specific scrutiny, as he explores jap cinema’s preoccupation with malevolent forces from the past.

Whether you're keen on the splatter of blood or wish to cover less than the sofa, Dark Places cuts to the center of why we're interested in carnage.


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