Dreams in Exile: Rediscovering Science and Ethics in Nineteenth-Century Social Theory

Dreams in Exile: Rediscovering Science and Ethics in Nineteenth-Century Social Theory

George E. McCarthy

Examines the effect of Aristotle and Kant at the nineteenth-century social conception of Marx, Durkheim, and Weber.

The classical origins of nineteenth-century social conception are illuminated during this sequel to the award-winning Classical Horizons: The Origins of Sociology in old Greece. George E. McCarthy stresses the value of Aristotle and Kant within the construction of a brand new kind of social technological know-how within the 19th century that represented a serious response to Enlightenment rationality and glossy liberalism. The seminal social theorists Marx, Durkheim, and Weber built-in Aristotle’s conception of ethical financial system and functional knowledge (phronesis) with Kant’s idea of information and ethical autonomy. The ensuing social theories, uniquely supported via a view of functional technological know-how that wove jointly technology and ethics, proved instrumental to the advance of contemporary sociology and anthropology.

“The neatest thing approximately this publication is what McCarthy has to assert concerning the origins of serious idea, particularly in Hume and Kant, and how within which he manages to merge—or ‘synthesize’, as he could say—what Marx, Weber and Durkheim need to say on a few very important questions. major discussions of objectivity, justice, the idea of worth, socialism, human rights, relativism, democracy, industry economics, functionalism and friendship are awarded via McCarthy, who additionally offers us with a few very telling asides, anybody of which would supply proposal for one more book.” — Journal of Classical Sociology

“…the thought of a brand new standpoint at the upward thrust of sociology as a moral, empirically established self-discipline on the strange cross-roads of Aristotle and Kant, including a attention of its basic authors, is definitely the first advantage and focal point of this booklet. through highlighting the ‘ethical’ size of social conception McCarthy hence monitors the chances of drawing upon the classics as assets of critique for the present.” — Critical Sociology

"…[a] notable book." — CHOICE

“George McCarthy has been exploring paradoxes of this variety for 1 / 4 of a century, and this new publication … deals one of many fullest bills but released on those themes.” — Contemporary Sociology

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