Einstein's Dreams

Einstein's Dreams

Alan Lightman

a contemporary vintage, Einstein’s Dreams is a fictional college of reports dreamed via Albert Einstein in 1905, while he labored in a patent workplace in Switzerland. because the defiant yet delicate younger genius is growing his idea of relativity, a brand new belief of time, he imagines many attainable worlds. in a single, time is round, in order that individuals are fated to copy triumphs and screw ups many times. In one other, there's a position the place time stands nonetheless, visited via fans and oldsters clinging to their kids. In one other, time is a nightingale, occasionally trapped via a bell jar.

Now translated into thirty languages, Einstein’s Dreams has encouraged playwrights, dancers, musicians, and painters around the globe. In poetic vignettes, it explores the connections among technology and artwork, the method of creativity, and finally the fragility of human life.

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