Ends in Sight: Marx/Fukuyama/Hobsbawm/Anderson

Ends in Sight: Marx/Fukuyama/Hobsbawm/Anderson

Gregory Elliott

Following the disappearance of the Soviet Union, students around the political spectrum tackled the world-historical importance of the tip of communism. This publication addresses the balance-sheets of recent political background provided through 3 writers -- Francis Fukuyama, Eric Hobsbawm and Perry Anderson -- evaluating them with the long run projected through Marx within the Communist Manifesto.

Gregory Elliott argues that Marx is vital to all 3 debts and that, in addition to the Manifesto, they shape a quartet of analyses of the consequences and customers of capitalism and socialism, that are of tolerating importance for the Left.

This booklet offers a readable survey of key old and political thinkers that may entice an individual drawn to smooth political notion.

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