Food (DK Eyewitness)

Food (DK Eyewitness)

Laura Buller

a close advisor to nutrition and foodstuff, from the elemental parts of a balanced, nutritious diet to the know-how of recent nutrients production.

an important addition to the award-winning Eyewitness sequence, Eyewitness nutrition explores the myriad ways that stable impacts our lives, from the position of microscopic supplementations, minerals, and micro organism, to the effect of recent commercial farming upon the surroundings. The e-book examines how we digest and soak up nutrition, why a few meals could cause bronchial asthma whereas others can therapy particular illnesses, which meals make youngsters hyperactive or drained and which advertise a feeling of health and calm. Eyewitness nutrition charts the improvement of meals from the origins of crop farming and selective breeding, in the course of the inventive tools stumbled on to pickle, therapy, smoke, or can items, to the discovery of refrigeration and GM know-how. The booklet seems to be at the various nice cuisines of the realm, the way forward for foodstuff, and the way construction can maintain sooner than the world's ever-increasing population.

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