Fugue State

Fugue State

Brian Evenson

“Brilliant...Evenson manages to catch insanity with a masterful tone. the categorical genius of Fugue State rests in subtlety, in Evenson’s skill to keep up suspense, dread and paranoia via utter linguistic control.”—Time Out New York

“19 fulfilling and surreal stories...packed with subtly hilarious sentences.”—Cleveland undeniable Dealer

“Brian Evenson is without doubt one of the treasures of yankee tale writing, a real successor either to the new release of Coover, Barthelme, Hawkes and Co., but in addition to Edgar Allan Poe.”—Jonathan Lethem

"The tales during this assortment will thrill, unsettle, and captivate. Like lanterns in darkish rooms, paper boats carried down on subterranean waters, they lead the reader into mysterious and dangerous territory. learn at your individual risk."—Kelly Link

Illustrated via picture novelist Zak Sally, Brian Evenson’s hallucinatory and darkly comedian tales of paranoia, pursuit, sensory deprivation, amnesia, and retribution rattle the cages of the psyche and peer into the gaping ethical chasm that opens after we develop into estranged from ourselves. From sadistic bosses with mystery fears to a lady trapped in a mime’s imaginary field, and from a post-apocalyptic misidentified Messiah to unwitting portraitists of the lifeless, the mind-bending global of this modern day Edgar Allan Poe exposes the horror contained inside our day-by-day lives.

Brian Evenson is the writer of the Edgar and foreign Horror Guild award-nominated novel The Open Curtain. stopover at his web site at www.brianevenson.com.

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