Gangs II (1st Edition)

Gangs II (1st Edition)

Ross Kemp

tough guy Ross Kemp trips into darkish middle of a few of the main infamous gangs in the world in Gangs II.

Ross Kemp once more squares as much as the world's deadliest gangsters during this breathtaking stick to as much as the bestselling Gangs. This time his travels take him as with reference to domestic as Liverpool and as far-off as Colombia and East Timor. And the gangs he meets simply get meaner:

  • Ross is tear-gassed investigating Polish Neo-Nazi soccer thugs
  • In Columbia he meets the Sicarios, who'll kill for a couple of pesos
  • A gun is shoved in his face in Los Angeles
  • He's proven the way to make a crossbow in East Timor
  • Risking his existence, Ross Kemp is going deep into the nation-states of gangland tradition, and within the nail-biting and jaw-dropping Gangs II, he meets one of the most scary males within the world.

    'Frightening, disturbing' Irish Examiner

    Ross Kemp was...

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