Guantánamo: An American History

Guantánamo: An American History

Jonathan M. Hansen

An on-the-ground background of yank empire

Say the notice "Guantánamo" and orange jumpsuits, chain-link fences, torture, and indefinite detention spring to mind. To critics across the world, Guantánamo Bay, Cuba, is a amazing image of yankee hypocrisy. however the legal is not the entire tale. For greater than centuries, Guantánamo has been on the middle of yankee imperial ambition, first as an item of wish then as a handy staging ground.

In Guantánamo: An American History, Jonathan M. Hansen provides the 1st whole account of this interesting position. The U.S. presence at Guantánamo predates even the state itself, because the bay figured centrally within the imperial enlargement plans of colonist and British sailor Lawrence Washington―half brother of the longer term president George. because the younger usa rose in strength, Thomas Jefferson and his fans estimated an enormous "empire of liberty," which hinged on U.S. keep an eye on of the Gulf of Mexico and the Caribbean Sea. Politically and geographically, Guantánamo Bay was once the foremost to this process. So while Cubans took up hands opposed to their Spanish rulers in 1898, the USA swooped in to make sure that Guantánamo might turn out firmly in its regulate.

Over the subsequent century, the yank army became the bay into an idyllic smooth Mayberry―complete with bungalows, cul-de-sacs, and state clubs―which base citizens nonetheless get pleasure from. in lots of methods, Guantánamo is still extra quintessentially American than the US itself: a distillation of the idealism and conceitedness that has characterised U.S. nationwide id and overseas coverage from the very beginning.

Despite the Obama administration's repeated efforts to shutter the infamous legal, the naval base is in no threat of final every time quickly. areas like Guantánamo, which fall among the transparent borders of legislations and sovereignty, proceed to serve a objective despite which leaders―left, correct, or center―hold the reins of power.

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