Joomla! Start to Finish

Joomla! Start to Finish

Jen Kramer

every thing you want to understand to devise and keep a Joomla! site
Joomla! bargains robust performance and straightforwardness of configuration, making it an immensely well known open resource content material administration process. although, excess of easily downloading and fitting Joomla! is needed with the intention to create a dynamic website. This e-book walks you thru the serious steps that needs to be taken within the making plans procedure ahead of setting up a Joomla! web site. Joomla! specialist Jen Kramer studies crucial questions that have to be requested of a consumer, discusses technical strategies to quite a few demanding situations, and explains how a website constitution can be organized.

Topics Covered:

I need a website and that i wish It Blue — How a lot Will That Cost?

Choosing the ideal applied sciences to resolve the company Problem

Downloading and fitting Joomla!

A short travel of the Joomla! management Interface

Creating and Configuring Menus

Installing and Configuring

Modules that include Joomla

Components that include Joomla!

Plug-Ins that include Joomla!

Adding Extensions to Joomla!

Home web page information and Tricks

Custom Templates

Advanced Template and CSS Tricks

Site upkeep and Training

Once the basis has been laid, you'll observe easy methods to host and set up Joomla!, and improve and keep your Joomla! web site.

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