Just Spring Data Access

Just Spring Data Access

Madhusudhan Konda

JDBC has simplified database entry in Java purposes, yet a number of nagging wrinkles remain—namely, persisting Java items to relational databases. With this ebook, you’ll find out how the Spring Framework makes that task awfully effortless with dependency injection, template sessions, and object-relational-mapping (ORM).

Through pattern code, you’ll observe how Spring streamlines using JDBC and ORM instruments akin to Hibernate, the Java patience API (JPA), and Java information items (JDO). If you’re a Java developer acquainted with Spring (perhaps via O’Reilly’s Just Spring instructional) and need to improve your info entry talents, this ebook indicates you how.
* how one can use Spring’s simple and complicated info entry instruments
* paintings with Spring’s JdbcTemplate category to split non-critical code from company code
* do away with placeholder variables on your queries with the NamedParameterJdbcTemplate category
* Use Spring’s template sessions to accomplish batch executions
* function inserts on database tables with no writing any SQL statements
* find out about Spring’s help for Hibernate as an object-relational-mapping device
* Use JPA as a standards-based ORM—alone or with Spring aid
* circulation facts from a relational to a non-relational database with JDO

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