kNewspapers: A Novel About Love and Citizen Journalism

kNewspapers: A Novel About Love and Citizen Journalism

K. Paul Mallasch

Downsized in 2005 from a midsize day-by-day newspaper within the Midwest and at the run from a soon-to-be ex-wife, intrepid webmaster Paul Malinski transforms into kpaul. His target is to begin a information and knowledge resource from the floor up, whatever really through the folk and for the folk.  

On his trip, he learns much approximately journalism, greed, love, black holes, Occupy Wall road, robots and automation, poetry, selflessness, psychological affliction and lots more and plenty extra. probably most crucial, he learns approximately himself and that one individual on my own cannot do everything.

This is an autobiographical novel, a piece of fiction that describes the ongoing decline of huge media and the increase of "citizen journalism" as noticeable in the course of the eyes of a guy who believes that Journalism is far too vital to depart to giant organizations.  

Section A - Hyperlocal information / Obits
  • Chapter A1 - goodbye, and thank you for the entire Fish Wrap!
  • Chapter A2 - Redbud is my Rosebud
  • Chapter A3 - inform me. Is the Lord of the Blogosphere in?
Section B - Politics / way of life / Money
  • Chapter B4 - Presidential Deliverance from Underwear
  • Chapter B5 - Ex-Mas Eve lower than the Lilith Tree
  • Chapter B6 - Babylon's Richest guy until eventually the tip of the Chapter
Section C - nationwide / international News
  • Chapter C7 - interval comma exclamation point
  • Chapter C8 - rapidly created Believeland Tourism Video
  • Chapter C9 - Die deadly with a troublesome Weapon
Section D - Arts / Opinion / Editorial
  • Chapter D10 - Whiner, Whiner, chook Diner
  • Chapter D11 - Blue Journalist wishes foodstuff Badly!
  • Chapter D12 - Quantum Entanglement/Journalism Engagement

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