Lady Fortescue Steps Out (The Poor Relation, Volume 1)

Lady Fortescue Steps Out (The Poor Relation, Volume 1)

M. C. Beaton

aged widow woman Fortescue and her acquaintances hatch up a scheme to flee from genteel poverty. If each one of them can relieve a wealthy relative of a dear trifle, they could achieve money to show her townhouse right into a inn for the ton!

Lady Fortescue's nephew, the devilishly good-looking and haughty Duke of Rowcester, is horrified. There has to be anything incorrect together with his aunt's wits, to hunch to alternate! he's resolved to work out her folly close down... till he encounters the resort chef, leave out Harriet James, a green-eyed attractiveness who as soon as intrigued him at the ballroom floor.

Harriet's center skips a beat as she recollects that waltz with the duke-before she misplaced her mom and dad and inherited their money owed. certainly, while Rowcester steals a scrumptious kiss, she heatedly questions his intentions. Will she, even though, permit the opposite terrible kinfolk to hose down his ardor?

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