Magician (The Key to Magic Book 2)

Magician (The Key to Magic Book 2)

H. Jonas Rhynedahll

Mar grew up an orphan at the streets of Khalar, doing no matter what essential to survive-- operating, begging, stealing. whilst an insane scrapper led him to an old sundered urban, he found a e-book of misplaced wisdom. This publication and the scrapper’s eon’s lengthy quest have led him to start an outstanding trip to rediscover the know-how of the traditional international -- magic.

When his partners, the younger witch Telriy and the enigmatic Waleck, have been stolen away via the despised Brotherhood of Phaelle, Mar needed to rely on vulnerable and half-understood spells so as struggle this new enemy. He has realized to understand the paranormal fields that permeate all issues. He has discovered to control magic to alter the actual regulations of his global. He has crossed a barren region on a skyraft of his personal construction. Now, looking the misplaced Telriy and Waleck, he has come to Mhajhkaei, the best urban in the entire World.

But Mhajhkaei is at war.

And it truly is losing.

The epic myth sequence, the most important to Magic:

Volume One:

I. Orphan

II. Magician

Volume Two:

III. King

IV. Emperor

Volume Three:

V. Warrior

VI. Wizard

VII. Thief (forthcoming)

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