The Multispecies Salon

The Multispecies Salon

Eben Kirksey

A new method of writing tradition has arrived: multispecies ethnography. vegetation, animals, fungi, and microbes seem along people during this singular publication approximately common and cultural heritage. Anthropologists have collaborated with artists and organic scientists to light up how different organisms are entangled in political, financial, and cultural platforms. Contributions from influential writers and students, akin to Dorion Sagan, Karen Barad, Donna Haraway, and Anna Lowenhaupt Tsing, are featured in addition to essays via emergent artists and cultural anthropologists.

Delectable mushrooms flourishing within the aftermath of ecological catastrophe, microbial cultures enlivening the politics and cost of foodstuff, and nascent lifestyles varieties working wild within the age of biotechnology all determine during this curated choice of essays and artifacts. Recipes supply directions on the right way to cook dinner acorn mush, make cheese out of human milk, and liven up forests when they were uncomplicated. The Multispecies Salon investigates messianic desires, environmental nightmares, and modest websites of biocultural hope.

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Contributors. Karen Barad, Caitlin Berrigan, Karin Bolender, Maria Brodine, Brandon Costelloe-Kuehn, David S. Edmunds, Christine Hamilton, Donna J. Haraway, Stefan Helmreich, Angela James, Lindsay Kelley, Eben Kirksey, Linda Noel, Heather Paxson, Nathan wealthy, Anna Rodriguez, Dorion Sagan, Craig Schuetze, Nicholas Shapiro, Miriam Simun, Kim TallBear, Anna Lowenhaupt Tsing

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