My War Gone By, I Miss It So

My War Gone By, I Miss It So

Anthony Loyd

Born to a unique kin steeped in army culture, raised on tales of wartime and ancestral heroes, Anthony Loyd longed to event battle from front lines—so he left England on the age of twenty-six to record the clash in Bosnia. For the next 3 years he witnessed the killings of 1 of the main callous and chaotic clashes on ecu soil, in the course of a deadly fight one of the Serbs, Croatians, and Bosnian Muslims. hooked on the adrenaline of armed strive against, he back domestic to salary a longstanding own conflict opposed to substance abuse.

These harrowing debts from the trenches express humanity at its worst and top, via day-by-day tragedies in urban streets and mountain villages in the course of Yugoslavia’s brutal dissolution. surprising, violent, but lyrical and eventually redemptive, this publication is a panoramic feat of reportage, and an uncompromising examine the terrifyingly seductive energy of war.

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