Naked Empire (Sword of Truth)

Naked Empire (Sword of Truth)

Terry Goodkind

Beginning with Wizard's First Rule and carrying on with with six next myth masterpieces, Terry Goodkind has extremely joyful and awed thousands of readers around the world. Now Goodkind returns with a broad-canvas event of epic intrigue, violent clash, and terrifying peril for the gorgeous Kahlan Amnell and her husband, the heroic Richard Rahl, the Sword of Truth.

Richard Rahl has been poisoned. Saving an empire from annihilation is the cost of the antidote. With the shadow of demise looming close to, the empire crumbling sooner than the invading hordes, and time working out, Richard is obtainable not just his personal existence however the salvation of a humans, in trade for providing his spouse, Kahlan, into bondage to the enemy.

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