Nietzsche Versus Paul (Insurrections: Critical Studies in Religion, Politics, and Culture)

Nietzsche Versus Paul (Insurrections: Critical Studies in Religion, Politics, and Culture)

Abed Azzam

Abed Azzam bargains a clean interpretation of Nietzsche's engagement with the paintings of Paul the Apostle, reorienting the connection among the 2 thinkers whereas embedding sleek philosophy inside of early Christian theology. Paying cautious recognition to Nietzsche's dialectics, Azzam situates the philosopher's proposal in the historical past of Christianity, particularly the Pauline dialectics of legislation and religion, and divulges how atheism is developed with regards to Christianity.

Countering Heidegger's characterization of Nietzsche as an anti-Platonist, Azzam brings the thinker in the direction of Paul via a thorough rereading of his complete corpus opposed to Christianity. This process builds a compelling new heritage of the West resting on a common sense of sublimation, from historical Greece and early Judaism to the loss of life of God. Azzam discovers in Nietzsche's philosophy an outstanding, tangible Pauline constitution and digital, fragile Greek content material, positioning the philosopher as a forerunner of the hot "return to Paul" led by way of Badiou, Agamben, Žižek, and Breton. by means of altering the point of interest of recent philosophical inquiry from "Nietzsche and philosophy" to "Nietzsche and Christianity," Azzam initiates a massive problem to the primacy of Plato within the heritage of Western philosophy and slender certainties relating to Nietzsche's dating to Christian thought.

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