Nothing Sacred: The Truth About Judaism

Nothing Sacred: The Truth About Judaism

Douglas Rushkoff

Acclaimed author and philosopher Douglas Rushkoff, writer of Ecstasy Club and Coercion, has written possibly the main important—and controversial—book on Judaism in a iteration. because the faith stands close to turning into beside the point to the very those that glance to it for solutions, Nothing Sacred takes target at its difficulties and gives startling and clearheaded suggestions according to Judaism’s middle values and teachings.

Disaffected by way of their synagogues’ emphasis on self-preservation and obsession with intermarriage, such a lot Jews searching for an clever inquiry into the character of spirituality have grew to become in different places, or nowhere. in the meantime, confronted with the chaos of recent lifestyles, returnees run again to Judaism with a blind and determined religion and are fast absorbed by means of outreach corporations that—in go back for money—offer compelling proof that God exists, that the Jews are, certainly, the Lord’s “chosen people,” and that those that adhere to this righteous direction won't ever need to ask themselves one other tough query again.

Ironically, the texts and practices making up Judaism have been designed to prevent simply this kind of state of affairs. Jewish culture stresses transparency, open-ended inquiry, assimilation of the overseas, and a dedication to awake dwelling. Judaism invitations inquiry and alter. it's an “open resource” tradition—one born out of revolution, devoted to evolution, and keen to endure renaissance at a moment’s observe. yet, regrettably, a number of the very associations created to guard the faith and its everyone is now suffocating them.

If the Jewish culture is absolutely one in every of participation within the better tradition, a willingness to strive against with sacred ideals, and a refusal to publish blindly to icons that simply don’t make experience to us, then the “lapsed” Jews may well really be our such a lot promising individuals. Why won’t they interact with the synagogue, and the way can they be made to consider extra welcome?

Nothing Sacred is a daring and remarkable ebook, trying to do not anything below tear down our frequently fake preconceptions approximately Judaism and construct of their position a faith made proper for the longer term.

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