Operation Mind Control

Operation Mind Control

Walter H. Bowart

_Operation brain regulate: The CIA's Plot opposed to America_, released in 1978, by means of Walter Bowart is a hugely aggravating account of using brain keep an eye on know-how by way of a mystery govt (the cryptocracy) opposed to the yank humans to additional their very own goals. Walter Bowart (1939 - 2007) used to be a journalist and a popular determine within the counter-cultural circulate that grew in the course of the Sixties. He used to be influential in selling brain freedom via his Freedom of suggestion origin. past reviewers have alleged that after this publication got here out it used to be first suppressed by way of the CIA simply because they didn't wish their dabblings in brain regulate to be made on hand to the general public. possibly this explains why the ebook is so infrequent at the present time and is still an underground vintage. This booklet makes connection with such different contributors as L. Fletcher Prouty, John Marks, and Alan Sheflin who additionally investigated the function of brain regulate applied sciences and their use through the CIA. The booklet comprises an Foreword through Richard Condon writer of the brain regulate vintage novel _The Manchurian Candidate_ within which he explains the increase of America's mystery police and their use of brain regulate opposed to the yank humans. The ebook comprises monstrous info outlining quite a few schemes for brain regulate together with using hypnosis and medication (especially the hallucinogenic drug LSD-25) via the CIA and using habit amendment and the production of brain keep an eye on assassins.

Chapter one among this ebook is entitled "The Cryptorian Candidate" within which the writer explains how headlines in regards to the CIA's position in drug trying out in 1977 confirmed that the CIA were concerned with huge drug trying out experiments. the writer explains the significance of Richard Condon's novel _The Manchurian Candidate_ which confirmed the function of brainwashing strategies in Korea on American POWs. the writer additionally discusses what he phrases "Operation brain Control", the objective of controlling the minds of americans via brain keep watch over expertise and explains what he phrases the "cryptocracy" or the key govt and the involvement of the CIA. the writer additionally discusses many of the different corporations concerned and the position of the yankee army and the companies. bankruptcy is entitled "Only One brain For My Country" and tells the tale of an American soldier named David who had joined the Air strength and suffered from amnesia following his journey of accountability. Bowart claims that David's amnesia and a few of his strange thoughts point out that he could have been the sufferer of brain keep an eye on. bankruptcy 3 is entitled "The brain Laundry Myth" and exposes the parable of brainwashing one of the Communist countries. the writer claims that lots of these brainwashed have been actually brainwashed by means of their very own state. the writer notes the impression of the vintage CIA research _Brainwashing in pink China_ by way of Edward Hunter and the prospective position of brainwashing in Korea and Vietnam of yankee POWs. bankruptcy 4 is entitled "Without wisdom or Consent" and starts off through explaining the function of hypnosis in brain keep an eye on displaying the impression of Dr. George Estabrooks. certainly, Estabrooks used to be to gloat someday within the Forties that "I can hypnotize a guy - with no his wisdom or consent - into committing treason opposed to the United States." the writer explains the function of the OSS (which grew to become the CIA), Estabrooks and hypnosis, the position of the military, and the Russian psychologist Luria. bankruptcy 5 is entitled "Pain-Drug Hypnosis" and explains the position of soreness medications in assisting hypnosis and the construction of a mind-control race with the Soviets. the writer additionally notes the position of LSD-25, the invention of Dr. Hoffman of Sandoz Laboratories, and Timothy Leary as a proponent of LSD (and his involvement with Harvard college and the CIA). bankruptcy Six is entitled "The Guinea Pig Army" and explains how the CIA had given medications to americans less than its course. the writer notes the function of such participants as Dr. Frank Olson (who allegedly jumped to his loss of life after being unwittingly given the drug) and different LSD experiments within the military and at psychiatric clinics. bankruptcy Seven is entitled "The MKULTRANS" and is dedicated to a dialogue of such initiatives as BLUEBIRD, ARTICHOKE, MKDELTA, and MKULTRA. this depends at the examine of John Marks who investigated lots of those drug tasks during the Freedom of knowledge Act. bankruptcy 8 is entitled "The Mata Hari of brain Control" and discusses the alleged brain keep an eye on of sweet Jones (a pin-up woman from the area warfare II era). This exhibits how Jones was once hypno-programmed and trade personalities created which allowed her to turn into a CIA courier for twelve years. This bankruptcy is determined by the knowledge made to be had through sweet Jones' husband Donald Bain and notes the nefarious function of the hypnotist William Bryan. bankruptcy 9 is entitled "The Slaves Who Buried the Pharaoh" and notes the construction of the CIA from the OSS following the second one international battle, the craft of intelligence, habit amendment, and the position of such figures as William J. Donovan and John Foster Dulles. the writer notes the function of the "mind-control race" and continues that the cryptocracy has needed to maintain sooner than the Soviets and retain absolute secrecy. the writer additionally notes that for the Soviets who stay in a totalitarian nation there's not anything hypocritical approximately utilizing the tools of brain keep watch over, whereas for the U.S. there definitely is. bankruptcy Ten is entitled "Brave New global in a Skinner Box" and explains the position of habit amendment in the course of the technological know-how of behaviorism. the writer notes the position of Pavlov who received the Nobel Prize for his conditioning experiments on salivating canines, the function of Watson and "Little Albert", a number of the types of conditioning, and the function of the recognized behaviorist B. F. Skinner and the position of his "Skinner box" in addition to his utopian plans for society. the writer additionally presents an eerie instance how via conditioning you can still keep an eye on the contraction of the student of an eye fixed. bankruptcy 11 is entitled "A institution for Assassins" and notes the significance of the construction of assassins because classical occasions and explaining the function of a unique army tuition for assassins. bankruptcy Twelve is entitled "The 4 Faces of a Zombie" and explains the importance of a person within the Philippines who claims to were brainwashed and keen on the Kennedy assassination. bankruptcy 13 is entitled "The Lone Nuts" and discusses the function of varied "lone nuts" within the assassinations of figures starting from JFK and RFK to Martin Luther King, Jr. bankruptcy Fourteen is entitled "The missed Confessions" and discusses numerous features of the confessions of Jack Ruby and the Warren fee. bankruptcy Fifteen is entitled "Another Hypno-Patsy?" and discusses the function of James Earl Ray (alleged killer of MLK) and his position as a possible patsy. bankruptcy 16 is entitled "Confession by means of computerized Writing" and discusses the weird taking into account Sirhan Sirhan (alleged killer of RFK). bankruptcy Seventeen is entitled "The Patriotic Assassin" and discusses the traditional background of assassination (e.g. the "Old guy within the Mountain", etc.) and the function of brain regulate in education army males to be assassins by way of the organizations. bankruptcy Eighteen is entitled "Deep Probe" and discusses the experiments of Jose Delgado in digital stimulation of the mind (ESB) and numerous makes use of for electro-convulsive remedy (ECT). This bankruptcy additionally discusses the construction of cyborgs via ESB and Delgado's reviews on a "psycho-civilized society". bankruptcy Nineteen is entitled "From Bionic girl to motivated Cat" and discusses numerous tasks of the CIA in brain regulate together with that of stimulating a cat's mind and RHIC-EDOM (Radio Hypnotic Intra-Cerebral Control-Electronic Dissolution of reminiscence) during which stories might be erased. bankruptcy Twenty is entitled "The Engines of Security" and discusses quite a few makes use of of the hot know-how, the ongoing impact of the CIA in brain keep watch over regardless of their alleged shutting down of such experiments, mass keep an eye on and different themes. This bankruptcy ends by means of noting that the expertise is being constructed for the production of an ideal slave kingdom governed by means of brain controllers. The e-book ends with appendices together with memos from the CIA and an inventory of substances established via the CIA.

At the time this ebook was once written, it published the darkish secrets and techniques of the CIA and the govt cryptocracy of their efforts to manage the minds of the yank humans via experiments in hypnosis, habit amendment, and medicine. This publication stocks a number of the related topics that are to be present in one other vintage _The brain Manipulators_ by means of Alan Sheflin and Edward Opton. The involvement in such experiments by way of the CIA has on account that develop into universal wisdom. despite the fact that, this ebook continues to be a vintage testomony to the basic freedom of the man or woman from proposal keep an eye on and coercion.

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