Organic: A Journalist's Quest to Discover the Truth behind Food Labeling

Organic: A Journalist's Quest to Discover the Truth behind Food Labeling

Peter Laufer

Part nutrients narrative, half research, half event tale, Organic is an eye-opening and wonderful investigate the something is going global at the back of the natural label. it's also a wakeup name concerning the doubtful origins of meals categorized natural. After consuming a few suspect natural walnuts that supposedly have been produced in Kazakhstan, veteran journalist Peter Laufer chooses a couple of goods from his domestic pantry and lines their origins again to their resource. alongside the best way he learns how simply we're tricked into taking “organic” claims at face value.

With natural meals on hand at grocery store chains, confusion and outright deception approximately labels became usual. Globalization has allowed nutrients from hugely corrupt governments and companies out of the country to pollute the natural industry with meals that's whatever yet. The natural setting is just like the Wild West: oversight is nearly nonexistent, and deception runs amok. Laufer investigates so-called natural farms in Europe and South the United States in addition to in his personal yard within the Pacific Northwest.

The e-book examines what constitutes natural and via whom the definitions are made. The solutions will stun readers, who've been offered a questionable, hugely suspect, or even fake invoice of products for years.

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