Romps, Tots and Boffins: The Strange Language of News

Romps, Tots and Boffins: The Strange Language of News

Robert Hutton

A humorous and irreverent annotated choice of "journalese"—words, words, clichés, and sacred cows cherished by way of newspapers yet by no means utilized by a person else. This "bumper crop" of examples is guaranteed to "fuel controversy."


Anyone who has picked up a paper has learn journalese—words and words which are simply present in newspapers. with out them, how could intrepid reporters be capable of describe an international within which late-night revelers pass on booze-fueled rampages, or where bothered stars lash out in foul-mouthed tirades? while Rob Hutton all started accumulating examples of journalese on-line, he provoked a "Twitter storm," and was once "left reeling" through the "bumper crop" of examples that "flooded in." He discovered that words which all started as shorthand to aid readers became a dialect that is usually meaningless or vacuous to non-journalese audio system. In a brave try either to wean newshounds off their journalese behavior, and supply elucidation for the remainder of us, this ebook catalogs the highs and lows of this unusual language, celebrating the easiest examples ("test-tube baby," "mad cow disease"), and condemning the worst ("rant," "snub," "sirs"). it will likely be a "must-read" "page-turner" that can "cause a stir" or even "spark" "tough new principles" in newsrooms.

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