Sass and Compass for Designers (Community Experience Distilled)

Sass and Compass for Designers (Community Experience Distilled)

Ben Frain

Produce and retain cross-browser CSS documents more uncomplicated than ever prior to with the Sass CSS preprocessor and its spouse authoring framework, Compass

• easy, transparent, and thorough. This ebook guarantees you don’t must be a programming mastermind to wield the ability of Sass and Compass!
• formerly tough and time-consuming CSS projects becomes trivial. simply produce cross-browser CSS3 gradients, shadows, and adjustments in addition to photo sprites, facts URIs, and more.
• stick to in addition to fitting, developing, and dealing via a complete undertaking, enforcing the Sass and Compass recommendations and instruments as we go.

In Detail

The CSS preprocessor, Sass, is changing into the de-facto regular for generating cross-browser CSS extra maintainable and with extra ease. It supercharges CSS with good points that make formerly tricky and time-consuming projects trivial. This ebook concentrates on distilling the recommendations in a simple demeanour making it obtainable to all, even to people who merely recognize HTML and CSS.

Written via the writer of the bestselling "Responsive website design with HTML5 and CSS3", Sass and Compass for Designers will clarify every thing you want to get Sass and Compass put in, mastered, and making your existence more uncomplicated. there'll be no confusing terminology or baffling syntax left unexplained. We'll get you put up after which construct a website jointly, step-by-step, utilizing the impressive energy of Sass and Compass.

We will commence with a very unstyled HTML record and construct a responsive Sass and Compass powered web site step via step.

Sass and Compass make CSS effortless. You'll the best way to manage colour within the stylesheet with a unmarried command, create responsive grids conveniently, instantly create snapshot sprites, and create CSS3 powered principles that paintings throughout all smooth browsers.

"Sass and Compass for Designers" explains tips on how to produce nice CSS more straightforward than ever before.

What you are going to study from this book
• set up Sass and Compass in your method after which organize and continue Sass and Compass powered projects!
• how you can simply manage colours; tinting, shading, blending, and complementing latest shades on your stylesheets turns into a cinch.
• Make your personal responsive CSS-based format grid that scales throughout any viewport without additional markup needed.
• Create media query-based CSS principles along latest kinds, making responsive web site construction simpler.
• discover Compass’s many helpers and instruments. You’ll discover ways to embed photos and fonts and convey complicated cross-browser CSS3.
• Create ideal photograph sprites with Compass in moments.
• methods to create loops with Sass to automate repetitive CSS tasks.
• know the way to compartmentalize code, making your CSS extra maintainable, comprehensible, and modular than ever before.


A step by step educational advisor, taking you thru the way to construct a responsive Sass and Compass powered website.

Who this booklet is written for

If you already know HTML and CSS, this publication is all you must take your code to the following point with Sass and Compass. No past figuring out of CSS preprocessors or programming conventions is needed.

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