Statistical Hypothesis Testing with SAS and R

Statistical Hypothesis Testing with SAS and R

Dirk Taeger, Sonja Kuhnt

A finished consultant to statistical speculation checking out with examples in SAS and R

When examining datasets the subsequent questions frequently arise:

Is there a brief hand strategy for a statistical attempt to be had in SAS or R?

If so, how do i exploit it?
If now not, how do I application the try out myself?

This publication solutions those questions and offers an summary of the main common
statistical attempt difficulties in a complete means, making it effortless to discover and perform
a suitable statistical test.

A basic precis of statistical try thought is gifted, in addition to a basic
description for every try, together with the required necessities, assumptions, the
formal try out challenge and the try statistic. Examples in either SAS and R are provided,
in addition to application code to accomplish the attempt, ensuing output and remarks
explaining the mandatory application parameters.

Key features:
• offers examples in either SAS and R for every try presented.
• seems on the commonest statistical checks, displayed in a transparent and straightforward to keep on with way.
• Supported via a supplementary site that includes example
software code.

Academics, practitioners and SAS and R programmers will locate this e-book a valuable
source. scholars utilizing SAS and R also will locate it an outstanding selection for reference
and knowledge analysis.

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