Ten Thousand Light-Years from Home

Ten Thousand Light-Years from Home

James Tiptree Jr.

10000 Light-Years from house is a quick tale assortment by means of Alice Sheldon below the pen identify of James Tiptree, Jr that used to be first released in 1973. This was once the 1st booklet Sheldon published.


* advent by way of Harry Harrison
* "And I aroused from sleep and located Me the following at the chilly Hill's Side"
* "The Snows Are Melted, The Snows Are Gone"
* "The Peacefulness of Vivyan"
* "Mamma Come Home" (AKA "The mom Ship")
* "Help" (AKA "Pupa understands Best")
* "Painwise"
* "Faithful to Thee, Terra, in Our Fashion" (AKA "Parimutuel Planet")
* "The guy doorways stated hi To"
* "The guy Who Walked Home"
* "Forever to a Hudson Bay Blanket"
* "I'll Be looking forward to You whilst the Swimming Pool Is Empty"
* "I'm Too great yet i like to Play"
* "Birth of a Salesman"
* "Mother within the Sky with Diamonds"
* "Beam Us Home"

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