The Animal Connection: A New Perspective on What Makes Us Human

The Animal Connection: A New Perspective on What Makes Us Human

Pat Shipman

A daring, illuminating new tackle the affection of animals that drove human evolution.

Why do people worldwide absorb and nurture different animals? This habit may appear maladaptive―after all, each mouthful given to a different species is one who you can't eat―but during this heartening new learn, acclaimed anthropologist Pat Shipman finds that our propensity to cultivate and take care of different animals is actually between our species' maximum strengths. For the final 2.6 million years, Shipman explains, people who coexisted with animals loved convinced adaptive and cultural merits. to demonstrate this element, Shipman provides us a journey of the milestones in human civilization-from agriculture to paintings or even language―and describes how we reached every one degree via our designated courting with different animals. The Animal Connection reaffirms our love of animals as whatever either innate and relatively human, revealing that the method of domestication not just replaced animals yet had a convincing influence on us to boot. 25 black-and-white illustrations

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