The City (City, The)

The City (City, The)

Stella Gemmell

town is old, layers upon layers. as soon as a thriving city, it sprawled past its bounds, inciting never-ending wars and making a barren wilderness of what was eco-friendly and productive.

In the heart of town lives the emperor, a guy in his major although he can be very previous. a few grimly speculate that he's not human, if he ever was once. A small quantity have come to the determined end that the one technique to cease the conflict is to finish the emperor’s unnaturally lengthy life.

From the mazelike sewers lower than town to the blood-soaked fields of conflict, the rebels pin their hopes on one man—Shuskara. The emperor’s former common, he used to be betrayed some time past and is thought to be lifeless. yet he has survived, hiding from his immortal foe. The time has come for him to interact in a single ultimate conflict to unfastened the town from the creature who dwells at its center, pulling the strings that hold the land soaking wet in gore.

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