The Complete Book of North American Railroading

The Complete Book of North American Railroading

Kevin EuDaly

It will be very unlikely to visualize the fast development of the us and Canada with out railroads. From the industry's first tentative steps within the early 19th century to the railways of our day, here's a becoming social gathering of that legacy-an all-encompassing tome for hardcore railfans and informal lovers alike.

For greater than one hundred fifty years, railroads have remodeled way of life in North the United States - Bringing items to marketplace, sporting tourists around the continent, seeing us via wars, enriching our folklore, and proving indispensible journey monetary, commercial, and social infrastructures. and that is let alone the mind-bending applied sciences and machines that railroads have spawned.

The whole publication of North American Railroading celebrates the folks and machines that experience made this development attainable. In those pages, a forged of railroading experts crew as much as take on the industry's genesis; the advance of steam, electrical, and diesel-electric locomotives; the golden age of passenger shuttle; workhorse freight haulers; railroad infrastructure; and sleek railroading operations.

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