The Drowning Guard: A Novel of the Ottoman Empire

The Drowning Guard: A Novel of the Ottoman Empire

Linda Lafferty

2014 winner Colorado ebook Award - historic Fiction

every one morning within the hour earlier than sunrise, a silent boat launches at the Bosphorous, relocating speedily into the inner most a part of the waters midway among Europe and Asia, the place a guy will die…

The Drowning Guard is the story of the Ottoman princess, Esma Sultan—one of the main robust girls in Ottoman background and in contrast to the other lady within the Islamic international. In a gender reversal of Scheherazade in 1001 Arabian Nights, Esma seduces a distinct Christian lover each one evening, merely to have him drowned within the morning. The Sultaness's real ardour burns just for the Christian-born soldier charged with accomplishing the brutal nightly loss of life sentence: her drowning shield, Ivan Postivich.

The Drowning Guard explores the riddle of Esma—who is right now a assassin and a champion and liberator of women—and the guy who loves her regardless of her frightening crimes. This textured old novel, set within the opulence and squalor of Istanbul in 1826, is woven with the complexity and outcomes of love.

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