The Fidelity of Betrayal: Towards a Church Beyond Belief

The Fidelity of Betrayal: Towards a Church Beyond Belief

Peter Rollins

"About 30 years in the past, I stumbled on the evocative word 'religionless Christianity' in Dietrich Bonhoeffer's later writings, and it has stayed with me ever on the grounds that. In his new publication The constancy of Betrayal, Peter Rollins has teased out - as Bonhoeffer by no means had the opportunity to do - profound percentages hidden within the word. As an incredible fan of Peter's first ebook, i locate his moment no much less considerate, stimulating, and every now and then unsettling - constantly in a so much (de)constructive method. His subversive parables, his smart turns of word, and his beguiling readability all conspire to tempt the reader into that almost all fertile and terrifying of actions - to imagine to the very rim of one's knowing, after which to faithfully think the fact that lies a ways beyond."

- Brian McLaren, author/activist (

What if one of many middle calls for of a thorough Christianity lay in a choice for its betrayal, whereas the final word act of declaring God required the leaving behind of God? And what if constancy to the Judeo-Christian Scriptures demanded their renunciation? in brief, what wouldn't it suggest if the single means of discovering actual religion concerned betraying it with a kiss?

Employing the insights of mysticism and deconstructive conception, The constancy of Betrayal delves into the subversive and innovative nature of a Christianity that dwells in the church whereas concurrently undermining it.

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