The Good Father

The Good Father

Noah Hawley

From the writer of the New York Times bestseller Before the Fall, an extreme, mental novel approximately one doctor's suspense-filled quest to release the brain of a suspected political murderer: his twenty-year previous son.

As a rheumatologist, Dr. Paul Allen's uniqueness is diagnosing sufferers different medical professionals have given up on. His son, Daniel Allen has consistently been an excellent child yet, as a toddler of divorce, he's additionally whatever of a drifter. that could be why, on the age of 19, he quietly drops out of Vassar and starts off an aimless trip around the usa, laying off his former dermis and at last even altering his identify. One evening, Paul is domestic together with his relations whilst a televised information document publicizes that the Democratic candidate for president has been shot, and Daniel is the lead suspect. confident of his son’s innocence Paul starts off to track his sons steps to work out the place Daniel, or even Paul, went mistaken, starting a harrowing journey--about the duties of being a father or mother and the ability for unconditional love within the face of an unthinkable situation—that retains one guessing until eventually the very end.

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