The life of Imam Husain (as)

The life of Imam Husain (as)

Ayatullah Baqir Sharif Al Qarashi -XKP

Imam Husain (as) is the best character who has made all old occasions of humanity eternal. he's between these nice personages who gave form to social civilization and ideas that shape the root of a lifetime of culture.

The Imam and the chief of nobles, he's the main widespread person to have proven miracles within the box of existence and led the caravan of humanity to vacation spot and gave flow to their aspirations. He guided them in the direction of a average society. A society the place equality is given a major place in order that the entire humans, high and low, may gain advantage from it.

The Imam struggled greater than the other reformer. He bestowed and provided sacrifice simply because he took in addition to himself the folk of his kinfolk and his partners in order that he may perhaps sacrifice himself and them additionally in order that in each position within the east, the command of Quran and heavenly justice is proven. simply because he had no different objective other than the elimination of oppression, destruction of injustice and institution of a simply govt. a central authority within which guy might deliver out peace, greatness and prosperity based on the justice that the Almighty Allah wishes within the earth…and after that the lifetime of the Holy Imam grew to become an awesome exemplar for every age and all generations and an instance of human Values.



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