The Little Book of Japan

The Little Book of Japan

Charlotte Anderson

This compact commute pictorial and Japan commute advisor is jam-packed with cultural and ancient details besides fascinating photographs.

Japan is a rustic shrouded in secret, even now within the twenty first century. The myriad elements that, whilst prepare, compose the total of this country are most unlikely to completely seize. yet in The Little e-book of Japan, the dynamic photographer-writer staff of Gorazd Vilhar and Charlotte Anderson do an admirable activity of constructing a party in phrases and pictures that encapsulates what makes this kingdom so extraordinary.

Small and simply transportable, The Little booklet of Japan is geared up in a chain of forty four essays with photos contained inside 4 chapters: Cultural Icons, Traditions, locations and non secular lifestyles. below those 4 overarching beliefs, Vilhar and Anderson discover a variety of subject matters from jap cultural icons and traditions to Japan's non secular existence to its precise towns and villages.

Broad adequate to meet someone with an curiosity within the tradition, artwork, and ideology of this certain island kingdom, but complete adequate for the genuine Japanophile, The Little publication of Japan is a beautiful choice of pictures and considerate essays. With every little thing from Cherry Blossoms to Sushi, Calligraphy to Kimonos, previous Tokyo to Hiroshima, to intimate info of Buddhism and Pilgrimages, this ebook is a gorgeous and stress-free option to study extra in regards to the attention-grabbing island country of Japan.

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