The Multiculturalism of Fear

The Multiculturalism of Fear

Jacob T. Levy

This very important new liberal account of multiculturalism combines an research of the coverage dilemmas confronted by means of multiethnic states world wide with a philosophical attention of multiculturalism and nationalism. Jacob T. Levy boldly argues that liberalism shouldn't be centrally involved in both maintaining or transcending cultural groups, practices, and identities. fairly, he contends that liberalism may still concentrate on mitigating evils corresponding to inter-ethnic civil wars and kingdom violence opposed to ethnic minorities. to ensure that this "multiculturalism of worry" to be grounded within the realities of ethnic politics and clash, it needs to take heavily the significance humans position on their ethnic identities and cultural practices with out falling right into a social gathering of cultural belonging.

Levy applies his method of quite a few coverage difficulties, together with the legislation of sexist practices within cultural groups, secession and nationwide self-determination, land rights, and common legislations, and attracts on circumstances from such diversified states as Australia, Canada, Israel, India, South Africa, and the United States.

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