The New Sufferings of Young W.

The New Sufferings of Young W.

Ulrich Plenzdorf

some of the most talked-about works ever released within the German Democratic Republic! This cutting edge novel through an East German author is a valuable spouse to the vintage it parodies and parallels: Goethe's The Sufferings of younger Werther. Goethe and J. D. Salinger have been the 2 maximum affects on Edgar Wibeau, "Young W." Edgar is a 17-year-old with the frustrations of childrens around the world, residing with the additional pressures of an East-bloc kingdom. A version all-GDR boy, the son of a manufacturing unit director, he abruptly drops out. yet now not from socialism in step with se--just from conformity, choosy rules, and authentic disapproval of denims, the blues, and women. Hiding out, he unearths and devours an previous reproduction of The Sufferings of younger Werther. From then on he wards off truth with Goethe texts, and younger Wibeau's destiny is superimposed on that of Werther like a clear overlay. it truly is an ironic and revealing linkage.

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