The Path of a Christian Witch

The Path of a Christian Witch

Adelina St. Clair

A exact mixture of memoir and how-to that incorporates sensible day-by-day Pagan rituals, this inspiring e-book exhibits how one lady mixed Christian traditions with the magic and sweetness of a Wiccan practice.

Raised within the Catholic religion, but strongly attracted to Paganism, Adelina St. Clair spent a long time wondering and soul-searching prior to she stumbled on the way to combination points of Wicca and Christianity right into a bright and loving trust approach. jam-packed with own anecdotes, this e-book tells the tale of St. Clair's trip of self-discovery and revelation, from her preliminary worry and guilt to her final experience of peace and joy.

With heat and heartfelt reverence, St. Clair discusses very important facets of Witchcraft and Christianity, in addition to the commonalities among the two.

― Monotheism vs. polytheism
― Magical practice
― The teachings of Christ
― Goddess worship
― The femininity of God
― The Wheel of the Year
― Praying the rosary
― Sacred space 


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